a brief history of Selkirk Parish Church

The present Church building was built in 1880, when the Rev. John Lawson and managers of the Meeting House in the Fleshmarket decided a new building was needed.

In May 1878, Mr Baldie of Glasgow was selected as the Architect. The estimated cost of the Church was £6,000, with seating for 860 and a hall at the rear.  Mr Robertson, Queensland, was invited to lay the foundation stone in April 1879.
The Rev. John Lawson prepared coins, periodicals and documents to be placed in a glass jar under the foundation stone.
The Meeting House was closed on the 12th September 1880 and the New Church was opened on the 16th September 1880, named the U.P (United Presbyterian) Church.  It then became the Lawson Memorial United Free Church and in time the Lawson Memorial Church.

In 1963 the West Church and the Parish Church united to become St Mary’s West Church.

In 1986 the three Church of Scotland congregations in the town (Heatherlie, Lawson Memorial and St Mary’s West) united to become Selkirk Parish Church.

Since then, we have been led by three ministers:

Rev. Ian Strachan (1987 – 1994)

Rev. Jim Campbell (1995 – 2010)

Rev. Margaret Steele (2011 – 2022)