Selkirk Parish Church is registered as an Eco-Congregation.

This commits the congregation to take action to promote our caring for God’s creation and to do all that we can to be good stewards of the world entrusted to us.

For detialed information about waste recycling, see:Zero Waste leaflet 2019

  • April event “Towards COP26”

    The April event organised by Selkirk Parish Church eco group has the title:

    Governments? Thinking?

    On Thursday 22nd April 7 – 8pm, the speaker will be Ewan Jones, a chartered consultant engineer working in energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings. In his own time, Ewan has completed a low carbon refurbishment of a 110-year old house and is the Environment Officer for St George’s Church in Leeds.

    Ewan will explain the broad strategy being developed by our Governments to decarbonise buildings, transport, industry and power generation and how these sectors are increasingly inter-linked.

    As always, there will be the opportunity for questions and discussion and sharing ideas how we can engage with our politicians.

    Please contact to be kept informed and receive Zoom details for this and future events.

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  • SPC Eco-event March 12th

    “Transport – 20% of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions”

    Join us on Friday 12th March, 7-8pm, for an online presentation by Jack Peers, followed by questions/discussion.

    The talk will reflect on the changes in transport during the last 60 years and the increase in global emissions this has caused. It will also suggest some changes we might make to our lifestyles to significantly reverse this trend.

    Join Zoom meeting

    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 922 2168 8810

    Passcode: 265626

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  • SPC February Eco-event

    Being an environmentally-conscious Christian

    Join us on Monday 8th February, 7-8pm, for an online presentation by Rev. David Coleman from Eco-congregation Scotland, followed by questions/discussion.

    Join Zoom meeting

    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 970 5368 2320

    Passcode: 806674

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  • COP26 – what is it?

    COP26 – what is it?

    Join us on Monday 18th January, 7-8pm, for an online presentation by Fiona Buchanan from Christian Aid, followed by questions/discussion.

    Join Zoom meeting

    Meeting ID: 971 4718 3597
    Passcode: 629241

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  • Recycling for Good Causes video (Nov 2020)

    Link to our new Recycling for Good Causes video:

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  • church garden 2020

    church garden ready for 2020

    The church garden is in good shape. Hopefully, by the time these vegetables are ready to beharvested, Open Door will be up and running again!

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  • Earth Hour 2020

    Don’t forget ….

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  • Recycling drop-in Feb 20th
  • harvest – creation in our care

    harvest – creation in our care

    This year, our “creation in our care” service (on 22nd September) was led by a group of members.

    The themes for the service were 4 elements of God’s creation:
    – air (God’s spirit energising our lives)
    – fire (God meets us, like Moses at the burning bush, and fires us up for action
    – water (necessary for life, but not available to many in the world)
    – earth (we celebrate the earth in all its diversity.
    An augmented choir led the congregation in singing specially composed versions of “We plough the fields and scatter”, “Standing on Holy Ground” and “Wide, wide as the ocean”.
    The themes were illustrated with a waterfall cascading down from the balcony into the font, bubbles being blown over the congregation, a new “fire” banner, a display of harvest goods in front of the communion table, and photos on the screen (thanks, Alan!)

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  • Back to Our Roots

    Back to Our Roots – a meal organised by the Eco Group, highlighting Earth Hour

    Friday 29th March 2019

    All ready to welcome guests to Back To Our Roots

    Can you see the Earth Hour poster in the background and the Sunday Gang poster reminding us that we can all do something to help look after the future of the planet?

    Are we ready?
    Here they come …
    The waiters memorising the menu…and what a great job they did.

    As well as excellent company, good food, food for thought and action, we were able to send £140 to Green Environment Protection, an organization working to support and empower rural communities in South Western Uganda. GEP will be able to use it in their work. It costs £35 a month to pay a teacher so that gives an indication of how far our contribution can go.

    In between courses, we watched two short videos reminding us of Earth Hour and also the problems surrounding the loss of insect species. There is action we can take, however, by following these links to add our support.

    pesticides petition

    Sign this petition to make sure there’s clear plan to reduce pesticides and make the countryside a safer place for wildlife.

    plasticfreescotland petition

    Customers’ voices can be powerful. Click on the logo of your regular supermarket to ask them to ditch single use plastics for good.

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