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  • Prayer for Sunday 26th April April 25, 2020admin

    Prayer for Sunday 26th April

    We are invited to join with Christians across the world to light a candle in our window at 7pm this evening, and say this prayer:

    Lord, we are those who journey
    And who find that journey hard today.
    We are those who journey
    And long to find our hope renewed.
    Lord in your mercy,
    Hear our prayer.

    Lord, whether in our own company or with companions beside us,
    We journey on.
    Whether sure, or unsure, as to our journey’s end,
    Come beside us through the risen Lord.
    Lord in your mercy,
    Hear our prayer.

    Lord, we pray for others;
    For carers of the living and of the dying;
    For the bereaved and for the anxious;
    For those fearing loss of work and of business.
    Lord in your mercy,
    Hear our prayer.

    Lord, we pray for scientists and researchers;
    For those seeking to understand the challenge we face;
    For those creating potential vaccines;
    For those advising decision-makers.
    Lord in your mercy,
    Hear our prayer.

    Lord, we pray for those who shape our common life:
    In local Councils and in Scottish Government
    And in the Government of the United Kingdom.
    Grant to them wisdom, compassion and understanding.
    Lord in your mercy,
    Hear our prayer.

    Lord, we pray for your Kingdom to come
    And for your will to be done,
    On earth
    As it is in heaven.
    Lord in your mercy,
    Hear our prayer.

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  • giving to church during the crisis April 17, 2020admin

    Giving to the church during the crisis

    Financially, this is a difficult time for our church, given that we have ongoing monthly commitments of around £5,000, (Ministries & Mission, utilities, insurance etc.), yet are not able to receive income from many members when services are not taking place.

    There are practical measures that can be taken at this time, which we would encourage our members to consider:

    • Giving by standing order, for those who are not already doing so
    • Internet banking

    If members are unable to give in any other way, please put your normal offering aside each week and then give the appropriate amount when the church opens again

    Bank details are available on request from the minister.

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  • church garden 2020 April 15, 2020admin

    church garden ready for 2020

    The church garden is in good shape. Hopefully, by the time these vegetables are ready to beharvested, Open Door will be up and running again!

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  • Earth Hour 2020 March 28, 2020admin

    Don’t forget ….

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  • Coronavirus update March 18, 2020admin

    Coronavirus update, 27/3/20

    Following Government and Church of Scotland guidance, sadly all services and activities are cancelled for the time being.

    But the church – the people – is still here.

    You can read sermons and prayers from the resources 2020 page, pray for each other, keep in touch by phone, email or social media, and continue to support each other and those around us who are in most need.

    For urgent matters, contact Rev. Margaret Steele on 01750 23308, or

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