Proposed linking with Ettrick and Yarrow

Proposed linking with Ettrick and Yarrow

January 2021

This week (beginning 18th January), every member or adherent of Selkirk Parish Church will receive a letter with information about the proposed linking of Ettrick and Yarrow churches with the already linked Ashkirk and Selkirk parishes. You can also download or read a copy of these here:

Selkirk Looking to the future letter
Draft basis of linking Selkirk cluster

Please read these carefully. If you have any questions about this draft “basis of linking” please notify joint Session Clerk, David Bethune, by 2nd February 2021. All questions must be in writing via The Church Office, High Street, Selkirk TD7 4JX or via email to

In February, you will receive voting papers and answers to any questions that have been raised.

David Bethune (joint Session Clerk)