Result of vote on linking

Result of vote on linking          (March 2021)

The votes for or against the proposed linking of Ettrick and Yarrow with Ashkirk and Selkirk have now been counted by Presbytery, and can now be announced as follows:

Overall: for 314, against 7, with 2 spoilt votes. (97.8% of the vote)
Ashkirk: for 27, against 1 (turn out 80%)
Ettrick and Yarrow: for 87, against 3 (turn out 62.5%)
Selkirk: for 200, against 3, with 2 invalid votes. (turn out 64.3%)

This will now go forward to Presbytery on the 23rd March for its approval. It will then move to 121 (Church of Scotland Head Office) for its concurrence and should come back to Presbytery for the second time on May 4th, so this will be the date of linking (assuming there are no appeals).

We give God thanks that He has led us this far and trust He will continue to lead us through this next stage.