Back to Our Roots

Back to Our Roots – a meal organised by the Eco Group, highlighting Earth Hour

Friday 29th March 2019

All ready to welcome guests to Back To Our Roots

Can you see the Earth Hour poster in the background and the Sunday Gang poster reminding us that we can all do something to help look after the future of the planet?

Are we ready?
Here they come …
The waiters memorising the menu…and what a great job they did.

As well as excellent company, good food, food for thought and action, we were able to send £140 to Green Environment Protection, an organization working to support and empower rural communities in South Western Uganda. GEP will be able to use it in their work. It costs £35 a month to pay a teacher so that gives an indication of how far our contribution can go.

In between courses, we watched two short videos reminding us of Earth Hour and also the problems surrounding the loss of insect species. There is action we can take, however, by following these links to add our support.

pesticides petition

Sign this petition to make sure there’s clear plan to reduce pesticides and make the countryside a safer place for wildlife.

plasticfreescotland petition

Customers’ voices can be powerful. Click on the logo of your regular supermarket to ask them to ditch single use plastics for good.