Holiday Club 2015

Polar explorers, August 2015

With 56 youngsters enrolled and an average attendance of 42, Polar Explorers took the youngsters and the leaders on a journey where one of the leaders Bare Foot (Amy Ward) was attempting to find how climate change was affecting the Poles. Her Side Kick, Lady Random Finds, (Margaret Steele) had to keep ensuring that Barefoot was properly equipped for the journey, with good shoes, food, a compass, a map and something to record the data she collected. In the course of this exploration we also explored how God’s love is for everyone looking at various folk from the New Testament using the phrase NEVER TOO… too many mistakes for Peter, ordinary for Stephen, near or far for Philip, bad for Saul and young for Timothy.

Different methods were used to explore the stories: dvd’s, crafts, games, songs and time spent in groups. As well as the 26 leaders who were present there were many who worked behind the scenes; preparing the materials for the crafts, praying for youngsters and leaders alike. It was good to have folk praying on site allowing them to bring any potential worries we had immediately to God while the leaders dealt with things in a practical way.

The BBQ on a lovely sunny Thursday night once again provided an opportunity to let families know what had been happening and to share with them the message of God’s love.

Please keep praying that the young folk who heard the message of Jesus and His love would respond to Him and long to find out more about what living in His kingdom is like. Pray too that what the youngsters tell their parents about what went on might stir a desire within them to find out more about this God who loves everyone.

Photos below: click to enlarge.