Taste and See picnic

Taste and See picnic – May 8th 2016
taste and See PicnicA lovely sunny afternoon for the Taste and See picnic. About 30 of us walked from the Argus Centre, singing “We will walk with God, my brother/sister” to the picnic place on Selkirk Hill. We thought about Jesus feeding 5000 in a place like that, and how he taught with parables based on the natural world around him. In small groups, we made up our own minio-parables based on what we could find: a nice round stone that reminded us of the one that was rolled away from Jesus’ tomb; a thron that reminded us that he died for us; a rough stone reminded us of the story of the wise man who built his house upon a rock; the well was dry, but Jesus is the living water; the stream was like Jesus’ love flowing through our lives; a wee yellow flower reflected the sun, reminding us that Jesus is the light of the world; and much more ….

Tracy led us in a prayer of thanks.  Then we searched for hidden treasure – another of Jesus’ stories about the Kingdom of God.

Finally, we ate our picnic and the children played in the burn and the woods, while the adults lay in the sun and chatted.