who’s who

Office Bearers

Interim Moderator
Robert Turnbull

Locum Minister
Rev. Scott Guy

Session Clerks
Fiona Corbett and David Bethune

Clerk to the Congregational Board
Sheila Christer-Porteous

Pastoral Assistant
Heather Carroll

Sunday gang leaders
currently not active

Hot Chocolate Club
Louise Raffier

Music coordinator
David Bethune

Lynda McCraw

Fabric Convenor
Andrew Laing

Carole Neilson

Open Door
Myra Ward, Gill Boyes

Newsletter (The Hird) Editor
Anne Bethune

Church Administrator
Ruth Scott

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Anne Bethune
David Bethune
Fiona Corbett
Mark Corbett
Pauline Davidson
Elma Hendrie
Fiona Holmes
Gordon Junor
Jacqui Lee
Colin Macintosh
Marion Macintosh
Lynda McCraw
Margaret Milne
Moira Mitchell
Louise Raffier
Jim Smith
Katrina Smith
Myra Ward
Linda White
Glynis Wilkie

Congregational Board

(in addition to representative elders)
Sheila Christer-Porteous
Elaine Dunipace
Jill Freshwater
Gillian Grant
Gary Hamiton
Cath Henderson
Andrew Laing