Life Events

Our locus minister, Rev Scott Guy, is always willing to answer any queries about any of the services mentioned below and can be contacted by phone on 07805 711148 or by using the contact form.

Service of Blessing or Baptism

The birth of a child is a very special occasion.

Service of Blessing

Selkirk Parish Church, in line with the Church of Scotland, recognises that many parents would like a ceremony marking their child’s birth, while not wishing to have an active commitment to the church or the Christian faith. We therefore offer a Service of Blessing to any parent who wishes to bring their child to church. Jesus himself asked that we should not hinder children from coming into His presence.

Service of Baptism

Baptism is the formal act of entry into God’s family, the church. The baptism of a child is like an engagement ring – a sign of love: God’s love for each person and our response to His love. It includes the promise of a commitment by the parent/s to bring their child up to know God’s love for them. It looks forward to the day when their child will respond to God’s love for him/herself. In order to understand the promise you will make, unless you are already a member of the Church of Scotland, you will be invited to take part in a course exploring the Christian Faith and encouraged to attend the church as often as possible with your child.


Christians believe that human love is a reflection of the love that God has for the world and each person within it; a love that is best seen in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that God longs to be present in each of our relationships to bless and strengthen them. Anyone who is a member of the church, who lives in Selkirk, or who has family ties here is able to be married in the church.


The end of this life is a painful, difficult time for everyone. God has promised that He is willing to provide His comfort, strength and guidance to those who ask Him, especially in the difficult times of our lives. The church is available for a service of commemoration/celebration of life, for anyone who lives in Selkirk or who has family ties here.

Becoming a member of the church

Who can become a member?
The Christian life is a life-long journey. We are constantly learning and experiencing new ways in which God wants to be involved in our lives. We understand that through the Holy Spirit, God provides us with help for living our lives day by day.   And so, we welcome and invite anyone who loves the Lord Jesus, has put their trust in his life, death and resurrection and made a personal commitment to follow him, to become a full member of our congregation.

What are the benefits of being a full member?
As a member, you will be allocated a visitor or elder who will keep in touch and pass on any communications from the church. As a member, you are able to take part in all aspects of church life. That means that, for example, when there is a Congregational Meeting called in order to make a decision, you are eligible to vote. It also means that you could become part of the leadership team either on the Congregational Board or the Kirk Session. Of course, all are welcome to take part in the worship and life of the congregation, even if not officially members!

How do you become a member?
We have groups which help us to think about faith in a God who longs to be personally involved in our lives, e.g. the START course, Christianity Explored or Alpha. Sometimes, being part of one of these groups may encourage you to think about becoming a full member of the congregation. If so, Margaret will gladly explore this with you either in a group or on your own. You will be able to discuss and think through the questions you will be asked about your faith and your commitment to Jesus and to the life of the church, the responses you will be expected to make, and the form of the service when you will be admitted to full membership. This will happen during the normal Sunday service.

If you have previously been a member of another congregation, your membership can easily be transferred.